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Enerjy effectively leads and supports individuals, teams and organizations in their Change process, herewith increasing productivity levels with over 20%


Activation is about Change. Change is about the Unknown.. to which not everybody responds well directly. We guide all stakeholders affected by the Change initiative towards positive, actionable behaviour.


Onboarding all people is the essence of strong engagement - Enerjy’s Engagement programs improve engagement levels of your people with 34%


Good leaders work together with their team. Great leaders inspire their teams and grow their capabilities. Listen to the leaders connected to the Enerjy platform and share insights and experiences.


You want your strategy executed - making dreams come true. Whether on a personal or business level, having a strategy is a start, having it executed and is where your focus needs to be from the beginning. Enerjy has over 25 years of experience helping executives effectively implement strategic initiatives.


Stress reduction is reported by all individuals working with the 4 Motivation Keys Model in Coaching and Transformation. Learn from their experiences and connect.


Alignment in initiatives is key in order to sustain results and not to waste energy in the process. The 4 Motivation Keys Model has proved to be extremely valuable for consultants to think through the process and validate all interventions against the 4 Keys.

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Prins Hendriklaan 6
3972 EV Driebergen

Bruisterbosch 23A
6265 NK Sint Geertruid
The Netherlands

Phone  +31 (0)6 55 14 02 70

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