Engagement Transformation Workshop


Friday August 17th Workshop Engagement Transformation - 9.30-12.30
Interactive workshop on how engagement is perceived and activated in current business to drive Performance and Growth moving from a disengaged workforce to a highly engaged entrepreneurial team.

The workshop is organized in collaboration with Engage&Grow, an international networked organization specializing in Engagement and Quality Mind Leadership originating from sports practices translated into hands on group activation programs for all sorts of businesses, cultures and implementation practices.

One of the leading Engage&Grow global coaches, Marja van Soest, offers a free copy of her recent book “You cannot Win if you do not Play” to the first 10 attendees. The book takes you on a sparkling experiential trip of a lifetime training and consultancy in international business and sports to the 4 Motivation Keys Model activating people and business to achieve sustained performance and success.

The earnings of the book will be dedicated to the Johan Cruijff Foundation.
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Case Study Engagement Transformation

Research shows that 86% of the global workforce is disengaged - how to cope with a workforce scoring 100% disengagement..?

Turning around the low engagement levels of an international team of 50 customer support agents and their leaders in order to achieve better performance and higher NPS scores within a multinational corporate culture is both a challenging as well as an inspiring journey. Focus point of the Engagement Transformation Case Study is just that - including the delicate mix of communication, culture, interventions, follow up, positioning and organizational context.

Topics covered are:

  • Leadership and its role in Engagement Transformation
  • Cultural awareness and influencers
  • Organisational context and history
  • Collaboration and communication to make the change happen
  • Implementation challenges and sustainment.

Learn more about this challenging and inspiring Engagement Transformation project during our Workshop on August 17th and profit from the experiences of others during this networking event.

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