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Many presentations I attend start with “inspiring examples”. For example stories about relatives who contributed to the development of the presenter as a child, or local celebrities developing communities, or sports coaches who have made a huge difference in the life of etc.

Like everybody else I can make a nice list of people who inspired me throughout my career and in my personal life. And I believe it is important to have role models and aim to integrate their best practices into your own behaviors. And to remain authentic and not copycat everything your role model throws into the world.

Companies aiming to transform culture need role models reflecting their corporate values and bring life to the statements of trust and ambition that are pinned to the wall.

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Meeting with my clients, discussing culture and challenges they encounter within their corporations I always ask who they feel is the best representative of the values and culture they would like to be adopted by all.

Never a client said to me “Well actually I think I am the best example of these values, I am my own role model and inspire others..”

"Let’s strive for the best versions of ourselves and live up to our own standards inspiring others!"

Would not it be great if we could proudly say that we are our own example? Let’s strive for the best versions of ourselves and live up to our own standards inspiring others!

About the Author

If you want to win as an organization you need to let your People play the Game: Engage, Empower, Perform, Enjoy together in order to establish best results and performance.

Marja van Soest Activates People and Business partnering with her clients as Executive Consultant, Master Trainer and Coach in Sales, Service and Leadership. Parallel to her business career Marja is a sports trainer specializing in In and Outdoor Cycling. Combining her passion for sports, groups, individual and organizational performance Marja developed the 4 Motivation Keys Activation Model: Engage, Empower, Perform, Enjoy empowering leaders to build a culture of Trust.

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