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nieuws-1-1-enerjy.jpg06 Mar

Sports are in my view essential for the development of quality behaviour favourable for society, business and personal well being and functioning. Sports help you maintain a balance in stressful situations and improve your condition to cope with difficulties and adversity.

Everyone should be enabled to practice physical and mental health by means of sports - all at their own level and with their own talent. There is no right or wrong, good or bad athletes - as long as the play is fair, joyful and passionate! Today’s society is so much focussed on passive labour, sitting behind desks, watching screens - there is few recognition for activity.

Children all over the world need to be facilitated to do sports and enjoy their natural flexibility and eagerness to run around and play. I want to contribute to building a healthy and inspiring environment and enable children to be theirselves and believe in their personal capabilities!

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