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Transforming culture and routines - lessons from the frontline

Motivation is a very personal thing and it can differ. Succes is defined in the same way, very personal. I learned a lot about coping with different motivators and success definitions when I was a Sales Director managing a team of direct and indirect reports across the world. Main challenges I needed to cope with in my role were..

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Making sure your people do the Right Thing

Big question for all leaders is “How can I make sure my people do the right thing?” When leaders I train ask me this question I tend to counter a bit Socraticly asking “What is the right thing?” It all starts with giving your people the responsibility to make choices and take responsibility and ownership for the choices they make - regardless the outcomes.

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“Welcome to the Matrix!”

Early this year I was working with a client facilitating a certification workshop on Service Excellence when we were requested to welcome a high level visitor wanting to meet the new members of his team...

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Beware of Crisis-Sales Coaching

There is Crisis-Management, Crisis-Communication - but is there also Crisis-Sales? In my opinion there is - and as far as I have seen it is not the most likable way to execute this profession. Crisis-Sales is earmarked by desperation.

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Be your own Example

Many presentations I attend start with “inspiring examples”. For example stories about relatives who contributed to the development of the presenter as a child, or local celebrities developing communities, or sports coaches who have made a huge difference in the life of etc...

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Taxi-driver Wisdom

When I was traveling in Denmark for work I got involved in an interesting discussion with one of my taxi drivers.

Normally I am not necessarily talkative when driving from hotel to training location, so it was quite special that this discussion happened. Especially because of the turn it took...

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First costs earned are costs not made

A good friend of mine uses to make a joke saying: “Today I saved 200 euros..”

He presents this as a cliff hanger and you are supposed to ask as a follow up: “Ok...interesting...what did you do?” Then he says: “I did not buy that 200 euro’s shirt I saw in the shop, I just walked by..” and then he laughs because you bought into his trick.

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Ever needed to look a Cow in the Ass?

The Dutch are famous for a couple of things like tulips, windmills, directness and liberal Amsterdam. I would like to add to this the Dutch talent for making up expressions nobody understands - but nevertheless seem to make sense - coupled with the urge to speak up and give our uninvited opinion...

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Don’t be afraid of STEEP

Unlike some other trainers I like to be trained myself. My personality profile allows me to practice what I preach albeit with questionable results depending on the art and mastery level required.

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Plastic Surgery

Companies tend to adopt similar change models at the same time - like a wave overtaking ships one by one. Many times you wonder if this new model is really the best for this particular company...

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Look for Progress, not Perfection

A while ago I was talking to one of my clients about recruiting talents and he said: “You know Marja, we are all looking for a sheep with 5 legs - and seem to forget that most sheep only have 4... 

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Mismatching formal and informal Culture blocks innovation

Groups have always fascinated me - groups can make me feel uncomfortable because of a certain hostility towards participation, alternatively they feel like a warm bath in a very cold winter as they embrace you. Because of these biased feeling towards groups and how they work I have made a life time study of group behavior and how to best interact with groups and their members in order to get things done.

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Engagement Transformation Workshop

Friday August 17th Workshop Engagement Transformation - 9.30-12.30
Interactive workshop on how engagement is perceived and activated in current business to drive Performance and Growth moving from a disengaged workforce to a highly engaged entrepreneurial team.

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Inshcrijven Workshop

Engagement - Why Bother?

Companies are more interested in engagement studies nowadays than they were a decade ago - actively investigating ways to create engagement amongst all stakeholders in their businesses. Why this sudden turnaround?

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Empower: Claim Your Space

Yesterday I was talking to someone over the phone when we touched upon “writing a book”. Our discussion was interesting and it just evolved from talking about experiences in business and views on how to tackle things...

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Engage: If you do not play you cannot win

Many times I have seen people struggle with change - changing conditions, changing situations, changing roles, changing neighbours, changing weather, changing parking places, changing roads, changing work, moving to another place, changing management...

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The book

Sports are in my view essential for the development of quality behaviour favourable for society, business and personal well being and functioning. Sports help you maintain a balance in stressful situations and improve your condition to cope with difficulties and adversity.

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