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4 Motivation Keys Model


Disengaged people cause your organization to underperform. We know from research that 86% of the global workforce is not highly engaged - this means that 34% of their salary is wasted. To get your people on board it is essential to invest in relationships in order to build trust and create connections between People and Business.


In order to realize Growth it is vital that the organization adopts an open, active culture where initiatives and new ideas are welcomed and in which people embrace change as a means to improve performance. To take on challenges we need - apart from room to maneuver - self confidence. 


Growth of business results is a tangible reflection of good and positive synergy. Consistent growth over the years to come is the ambition of every organisation.  Enerjy activates People and Business to improve performance in commercial and operational excellence, service quality and connected leadership in order to realize your strategy.

We helped companies be successful year after year increasing top line growth over 15%, reducing turnover and realizing growth in economic decline. We support you in strategic decision making as well as in operational advice and teambuilding. Partnership build on trust and mutual interest is what we believe in.


Pain and Pleasure are important drivers for behavior. On what and with what we are managed for performance changes over the years with changes on insights in motivation, technology and processes.

In “Enjoy” you connect people, together, with you, with the future of the organisation. You show collective responsibility and the appreciation of collaboration. The is the best impuls for further development and power. 

4 motivation keys model home enerjy

“We help you improve the Engagement of your People and grow your business”

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