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4 Motivation Keys Model

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Clients' experiences

“Great training, great results. Impressive how the human side of things has such an impact”

“Highly interactive! Perfect balance of learning and doing..thank you!”

“This really made a difference to the success of the company. We are completely aligned now”

‘One of the best training sessions. Thank you very much! Looking forward for the next one under your lead.’


About Marja van Soest

Enerjy B.V. is founded by Marja van Soest as a platform for talent development in order to improve Business and People. Marja holds a Masters degree in Business Communication, Social & Organizational Psychology and works across the whole world to improve Commercial & Operational Excellence, Leadership and Engagement.

As consultant, trainer and director working with international companies and leading global implementations for many years, Marja designs in collaboration with her clients unique and hands on integrated solutions in order to realize change and growth for organizations, teams, leaders and individual contributors. Her holistic view, sharpened by intuition, expertise and a lot of experience, ensures a focussed and effective approach translating strategy into practical results.

Business and Sports are fields of expertise in which Marja feels evenly connected developing talent. Combining the best of both worlds leads to interesting projects and insights. The Enerjy 4 Motivation Keys Model originates from this happy marriage - a registered coaching approach developed by Marja, supporting leaders to activate motivation in a clear and compelling way in order to establish sustained performance and success for themselves, their people and their organization. The 4 Motivation Keys model is pivotal to Energy’s typical approach and expresses the strong belief in personal motivation, engagement and People. Marja holds a Masters degree in Business Communication, Social & Organizational Psychology and works across the whole world.

Enerjy Motivation Keys Model

The Enerjy Motivation Keys Model embeds 4 Motivation Keys essential to establish sustained performance and success. In times of growth and change people and business need to perform consistently at their peak. There is no time to recover - you need to recover while active. To do so you need a very good condition and balance. You need to create a balanced buffer and a high motivation level to pull through.

Working with this model enables everybody to activate motivation on a personal, team and organizational level in a straightforward, systematic way based on personal connection, recognition and support. Motivation emerging from within nurtures existing talent leading to realize authentic and consistent results. Leaders might use the model as a roadmap for Coaching, design of Change initiatives or Reflection tool.

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“My clients value reliability, flexibility, professionalism and commitment. This is fundamental to my business partnerships. Personal accountability and building on existing strengths are the most important drivers for success."

Marja van Soest, founder of Enerjy

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